The Howard Goodman Bursary

Martina Köberle-Gaiser has been appointed Howard Goodman Research Fellow at the Innovation Studies Centre at Imperial College on the basis of the Howard Goodman Fellowship.

Martina Koberle-Gaiser trained as an architect in Germany and started her career in an architectural practice in Stuttgart, Germany. Amongst various other project types, she had the opportunity to work on a redevelopment project of one level of a University hospital in eastern Germany.

The technical challenges, social implications and the functional complexity of healthcare facilities initiated her lasting interest in this field.

In order to gain international experience and exposure, she moved to San Francisco, CA and joined The Design Partnership. There she was involved in the technical aspects of a major 5-storey hospital addition, the planning of a remodel of an emergency department of a children’s hospital and the project management of the design phases for the new construction of a social services building.

In addition, she studied project management in a modular programme at the University of California Berkeley Extension in order to strengthen her practical experience and to learn the underpinning theoretical tools and concepts.

After moving to London, Martina worked with Anshen/Dyer as a healthcare architect on the Children’s Hospital of the Manchester Joint Hospitals PFI scheme. During this time she gained valuable experience and became more and more interested in questions regarding the provision of healthcare facilities and healthcare delivery in general. In order to explore these issues further she finally decided to join the Innovation Study Centre at the Tanaka Business School, where she is currently also studying for a Master of Business Administration in the executive programme.

We are pleased to congratulate Martina on her appointment. She will introduce herself to Architects for Health at our AGM on November 25th.

Architects for Health November 2004


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