AfH AGM 2023

Proposal to revise Membership Subscriptions

It is nearly a decade since we last reviewed Subscription levels for AfH. As we continue to seek to better support our membership with engaging and informative content we feel that it has now become necessary to make a modest increase to the subscription. In order to widen the AfH reach, we are additionally inviting colleagues working in the NHS to become members at no cost as we reach out to that vital community who share our aims and values.

It is therefore proposed that the membership rates are revised as follows:

Practice / Company 6-10 Membership
Practice / Company up to 5 Membership
Individual Membership
Unwaged / Student / Retired Membership
Overseas / Non-Mainland UK Membership
Student Design Awards Registration
NHS Member

Proposal to add Gold and Silver Membership status

In addition, it is proposed that members be given the option of adding a Gold and Silver Membership status as follows, this option will include permission to use the AfH logo in company publications:

    • Gold – additional payment of £200 p.a. Qualifying members may opt to have their company logo and a Hyperlink added to AfH website on the member’s page
    • Silver – additional payment of £100 p.a. Qualifying members may opt to have their company listed on a page along with other Silver members on the member’s page.


Voting will take place online on the Architects for Health website. Details of the process will be sent at a later date.

Vote as follows:

  1. In favour of revision of Membership Subscriptions Yes/No
  2. In favour of allowing Gold and Silver Membership status to be added to organisation Yes/No

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