There is an increasing understanding that the design of healthcare environments impacts on the well-being of patients, and on other users of these facilities; and that good design can enhance the healing process and patient outcomes:

“sensitive design can enhance recovery [and] shorten hospital stays” (Lemprecht, 1996:123).

However, we still lack good evidence-based data on how healthcare design can improve well-being; and there is currently no single recognised place for ideas, experiences and examples of best practice to be shared and discussed more widely.

AfH is a non-profit organisation for those interested in improving health and well-being through healthcare design, underpinned by a membership of design and related professionals. Its inception in 1992 was a response to the considerable strategic change in the health sector. Since then, AfH has established itself as a forum for new ideas and a place to share best practice.

Annual programme of events

The annual programme of activities promotes a better understanding of current issues in health planning and design and keeps members informed across the whole range of topics in the health sector.

All events are wide ranging in scope and include joint events with clinical societies and royal colleges, or with representatives of organisations active in the procurement of health facilities.

Arrangements are made to visit health facilities at home and abroad including presentations and discussion with their designers and management.

Our members contribute to a social event at which they make speedy presentations about an idea or project that enthuses them.

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