AfH IHEEM 2013 Speakers’ CV’s

AfH at IHEEM 8-9 October 2013 – speakers’ CV’s

Teva Hesse holds architecture degrees from Princeton University and U.C. Berkeley, and was a Regent’s Fellow in his final year at Berkeley. He has practiced internationally, for 15 years in Denmark and in the UK since 2002. Teva has been lead designer for several landmark projects including the extension to the National Gallery in Copenhagen, the Darwin Centre 2 at London’s Natural History Museum and the Sammy Ofer Wing at the National Maritime Museum. In his current position as head of the London branch of C.F. Møller Architects, he oversees a variety of healthcare, residential and cultural projects. Since 2012 he has been the project leader for the new mental health facilities at the Springfield University Hospital, which is a central element of the Springfield Regeneration Programme.

Stephanie Brada is a Trustee Director of Nightingale Hammerson, a charity running 2 care homes with approximately 300 places for elderly people in the Jewish community in London. She has particular responsibility of care governance. Professionally she has spent her career as a manager in the NHS and for the last 20 years in healthcare consultancy. She is currently Head of P21+ Development and Head of Healthcare Planning at Willmott Dixon.

John Cooper, chair of Architects for Health, wants to raise the quality of design in healthcare and improve and reform its architecture by engaging in an active programme of events, discussions and visits.
John Cooper is Director of John Cooper Architecture. He combines a wide experience of management and leadership with enjoyment of designing buildings. John has expertise in the design of housing, education, university and regeneration projects. He combines an expert understanding of health planning with genuine design skills at both a strategic and a detailed level. He has an ability to engage with clients and end users.
John is a regular speaker at conferences in the UK and overseas and has written for all the architectural professional journals in the UK.

Christopher Shaw, Executive member of Architects for Health, is a specialist consultant in mental health design, Christopher has 27 years’ experience in healthcare architecture. He enjoyed long involvement with the Medical Architecture Research Unit at the now London South Bank University prior to founding MA in 1991 and has since driven the global growth of the company. A passionate advocate for evidence based design, significant elements of his day-today work involve the research and evaluation of health buildings in the UK and worldwide.
A particular area of expertise lies in strategic health planning to enable design for the enhancement of clinical outputs and the human experience of medical care. He sits on the Executive Panel for Architects for Health and was an elected member of the Architects Registration Council from 1992-1996. He is a professional advisor for projects in Denmark, Turkey, Australia and Canada and continues to speak at industry events and write on environments for mental health and acute hospital care.

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