event booking faqs

Do I have to be a member of AfH to attend an event?

Yes. To register for an event you must be a member. The exceptions are sponsors, speakers and occasional special guests.
If you are a non-member and are not on the guest list you should either become a member or add your name to the Group Membership of your Practice/Company membership.

I have seen an event advertised on the website that I wish to attend, but have not received a personal notification although I believe I am a member. What should I do?
You may not be on the contact list owing to lapsed membership. Try and register for the event; if you are paid for the year then you will be able to register, if you are prompted to join in order to attend the event then you should pay a subscription.

How do I book a place at an event if I am part of a group membership?
You will be able to login yourself and book a place as long as your name is registered under the Group membership (Practice/Company). Only the lead Contact of a Group membership can add individuals, but then each individual will be able to book a place independently.

Can all group members from one organisation attend an event at once?
All group members can attend an event dependant on spaces available. But each would have to register individually.

Are there any discounts for affiliated events (eg. Congress) and how are they advertised?
Yes. The details are emailed to members as part of the event information.

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