AfH AGM elections 2022
Gareth Banks and Alice Green AfH Joint Chair manifesto

3 key themes, building on Chris’s legacy 

  • Improve the influence of AfH
  • Improve the members service
  • Improve the quality of healthcare design

Improve the influence of AfH

  1. Establish AfH as the definitive voice for Quality Architecture in Healthcare
    through increased volume of thought leadership pieces and quality seminars and events
  2. To increase the output and profile of the AfH website
    through the addition of a Monthly chairperson’s update, regular member’s articles and showcases
  3. Actively engage with influencers

    A direct campaign focused on politicians, Clinicians and commissioners

Improve the members service

  1. Increase AfH membership to 500
    Through wider engagement, visibility and content
  2. Return AfH to a sustainable financial model
    Through increased subscription revenue and sponsorship
  3. Expand the reach of AfH into the regions
    Through alternate live and virtual AfH meetings (3 in London and 3 in regions
  4. Provide an improved platform for members to promote themselves
    Through client service index (?), members features etc

Improve the quality of healthcare design

  1. Improve engagement with students
    Build on the existing student competition and create sample briefs and projects for use by schools of architecture
  2. Improve the awareness of good quality architecture in the wider public
    In addition to the European Health Congress and IHEEM, provide content specifically targeted at those outside the architectural profession
  3. Improve the knowledge of AfH members
    Through the Creation of specific CPD seminars for technical design

Action plan for The first 12 months

By the end of Month 1

  • We will have confirmed the key themes for the year and written a thought leadership piece setting out AfH position on the first theme
  • Set out the time table for the years meeting including locations and format
  • Confirmed sponsorship packages

By the end of Month 3

  • Identified / secured sponsors
  • Held one presentation seminar
  • Held 1 no panel discussion
  • Published outcome of theme
  • Reviewed membership subscription rate
  • Set up showcase for members and invited contributions
  • Canvassed schools of architecture for additional support for student projects
  • Engaged with IHEEM to ascertain extent of additional input into conference
  • Identified additional conferences to support
  • Canvass members on technical seminar topics required
  • Identified non-architectural press opportunities

By the end of month 6

  • Held second themed set of presentations
  • Provided necessary information in response to student requirement
  • Confirmed/ provided input required to support conferences
  • Undertake review of first 6 months
  • Arranged first of the technical seminars
  • Published thought leadership piece in non-architectural press
  • Identified architectural/ no-architectural public figures to engage in debate

By the end of the first year

  • We hope to have increased membership by 10%
  • Reduced the operating deficit of AfH
  • Identified the next year’s themes and potential sponsors
  • Publish questionnaire to AfH members to gain feedback on success of the first year

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