Important Information about Subscription Renewal for 2015

Important Information about Subscription Renewal for 2015
For 2015 we are initiating an Online Membership Payment, Renewal and Event Registration. This will enable us to track and account for membership more quickly and accurately, as well as noting whether subscriptions are up to date when members register for events.
When the system is in operation it should entail simply entering the required information under the ‘Join’ section of the website.
We are aiming to have this facility operational by the second week of January 2015 and notification and instructions will be sent out in due course.
Membership will still be available as an individual or as part of a group.
Please cancel any Standing Orders which are payable to Architects for Health. We cannot do this for you.
If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact

Member Contact

We have introduced a monthly newsletter – if you are not getting this regularly or know other members who are not getting it – please check your junk email to liberate this news. Make sure your IT department is not blocking personal mail from architectsforhealth.
If you have any news to share or useful feedback please send it to us.