The Howard Goodman Bursary Update October 2006

Request for Examples

As members will know Professor Ray Moss initiated and raised funding for this Research Project to commemorate the work of Howard Goodman, Chief Architect and Director of Works at the Department of Health, 1971 to 1986.

From the beginning Architects for Health has given strong support to the project which is examining Adaptability and Flexibility in Health Care Buildings.

The work, being carried out by the Research Associate, Martina Koberle-Gaiser, at Imperial College in London, is now developing and the next stage will include an examination of actual examples of adaptation and flexibility.

The Advisory Group for the Research would like to collect a range of different examples for consideration. It is appealing to members and other interested professionals to e-mail Architects for Health with noteworthy examples known to them. From your responses we hope to learn of a good number and wide range of examples from which a group will be selected for detailed analysis.

Clarification of what we are looking for:

We are looking for hospitals and healthcare buildings which have proved in practice to be flexible and adaptable. Examples may include expansion or contraction of buildings, or components/departments, changed use, implementing different ways of working, accommodating changes in clinical practice, introduction of new technology, or meeting new standards of environmental requirements. In the first instance we would like to receive some basic data.

Any follow up for this research will be to the author of the e-mail only, not to ‘clients’ or other parties. Please e-mail your suggestions to Your responses will be much appreciated and will greatly help to inform and develop this important research.


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