20×2 2019 – Thursday 28 November

Stand up and have your say!
Up to 20 presentations of no more than 2 minutes. Any subject matter. Any art form.
Prizes galore and all delivered by YOU!
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Student Design Award 2020

Student Design AwardsAfH are delighted to announce the launch of the Architects for Health Student Design Awards 2020.

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AfH Opportunity

Programme Director role – Architects for Health (AfH) is searching for someone with drive, imagination and creativity to steer our Executive Committee when planning and organising for the future.
For more information regarding this role please go to the listing on Guardian jobs.

European Health Property Network

The European Health Property Network has a membership of professionals from a wide range of disciplines and meets annually for a workshop, this year in Gothenburg. The EuHPN website https://euhpn.eu/ includes extensive documentation on workshops from 2011 onwards including access to speakers’ slides.

The sessions from Turin 2017 includes presentations by Carole Crane and Paul Mercer on the thorny topic of “guidance” as applied to healthcare developments.

Visit the EuHPN website again soon when the slides from Gothenburg will be available.

Our mission

Architects for Health (AfH) believes that the spaces of healthcare have an important effect on the well-being of patients, their friends and families, and that good design can positively influence patient outcomes.

We work to bring about well-designed and restorative health facilities, through enabling conditions for this change, both through our membership and with wider health institutions and communities.

By sharing ideas, experiences and examples, we are building knowledge networks that inform and support the future design of high-quality healthcare environments.
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Join us!

AfH has a current membership of about 500 people who share our values across healthcare planning, design, and delivery. Become a member and get access to this expanding network.

Other benefits include early-bird access to events, information exchange and collaboration, CPD opportunities and support for ideas for AfH activities and projects.


Healthcare design guidance – mainly Health Building Notes and Health Technical Memoranda – are a vital part of health facility design but this guidance is now increasingly out of date and suffering from lack of recent investment.

Architects for Health have taken the initiative and held an industry-wide Round Table in late 2016 to debate the future of guidance.

  • The conclusions and recommendations from the Round Table were wide-ranging and the full report can be viewed here
  • AfH were also asked to conduct a survey across the industry and all who use or have used design guidance are invited to take the survey here

Cambridge University research study: Ward Design

Architects for Health members to contribute to a study being carried out by Andrew Livesey of Cundall. The paper aims to understand how ward design impacts occupant comfort during periods of strain in peak winter and peak summer, and to make recommendations for future developments. He already has some involvement from Public Health England, IHEEM and Nursing Times. Members are asked to complete a simple questionnaire using the link below.
Questionnaire – https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/86T86CT
Explainer video – https://youtu.be/fNymAsGVtiU


The Journal of Health Design – Podcast
Listen to Christopher Shaw’s interview with Moyez Jiwa from the Journal of Health Design in Melbourne, Australia – from 28 February 2019.

Living with Buildings | Wellcome Collection
This major exhibition about health and architecture will examine the positive and negative influence buildings have on our health and wellbeing. Opens 4 October 2018.

Senses and Hospitals
I am a historian of medicine working on the sensory history of hospitals. I am hoping to develop a funding application for the Wellcome Trust in 2018, at to that end will be organising two two-day workshops (most likely in April and June) on the senses and hospitals to develop hopefully a collaborative bid involving architects, artists, academics and others. If you are interested please contact Victoria Bates at victoria.bates@bristol.ac.uk

British Medical Auctions
For Project Teams involved in refurbishment or redesign. A service that will take old equipment or medical devices and send them to developing healthcare economies around the world. Proceeds from the sale of such equipment returns to the hospital Trust/Hospital Group for re-investment. Go to http://www.britishmedicalauctions.co.uk/ for additional information. Or write to paul.sherman@britishmedicalauctions.co.uk

Evidence Space
A platform organised by British Gypsum social media to share knowledge from Evidence Based Design academics, researchers, designers, clients and building users. Contributions from members of AfH would be welcome for publication on the website. Please go to http://www.british-gypsum.com/evidence-space/heal/evidence-based-design-in-healthcare for more information. Or write to Carly Lunt at carlyl@cibcomms.co.uk to discuss articles/research you may have written.