Jarkko Puro

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Jarkko Puro, who is studying at the Helsinki University of Technology, Finland, was shortlisted in the Architects for Health’s First Student Health Design Award (2007) for the following submission. For contact please email: jarkko.puro@egi.fi

Kotka Health and Life Park

Kotka Health and Life Park is a new health care complex emerging in the surrounds of the Kymenlaakso Central Hospital. Extensive services and close cooperation between educational and public services create a functional entity where sustainable development and versatility support each other. Other organisations currently operating in the area are the Department of Health at the Kymenlaakso Polytechnic, Paimenportti Geriatric Service Centre and Kymenlaakso Rescue Department. The main objective of my Masters Thesis is to mould a integrated and harmonious area identity – a campus – out of these four health care establishments. I aim to improve the area’s fragmented quality, which is caused by the bold traffic routes, varied topography and incoherent architecture, by compressing, extending as well as opening new traffic routes and creating connecting elements. Master plan design, emphasis on area logistics and general availability of services and functions supported the creation of an integrated identity. Landscape analysis, inventory of the building stock as well as interviews with authorities and consultants were used as the basis of the design concept.

This Master’s Thesis was commissioned by the Kymenlaakso Hospital District and it was done in cooperation with the City of Kotka, Kymenlaakso Polytechnic and University of Technology TePro II -research projects.

Presentation Boards

  1. CITYPLAN 1:5,000
    Orhtopicture 1:40,000
    Sections 1:2,000
  2. SITEPLAN 1:2,500
    New constructions
    Existing constructions
    Indoor street
    Central Square 1:1,000
    Auditorium and conference centrum 1:1,000
    Underground parking and shelters 1:4,000
    Zones and new constructions 1:10,000
    Exercise areas and light traffic 1:10,000
    Miniature model of area

The Architects for Health
First Student Health Design Award
was sponsored by



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