Patient-Focused Architecture for Health Care

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Architects for Health, in collaboration with Arts for Health*, is now able to supply copies of the Study and Video/DVD of Patient-Focused Architecture for Health Care. The Study was first published in 1996. Illustrations are in black & white.

This profusely illustrated Study by Peter Scher (a founder member of Architects for Health) was funded by the Arts Council with support from the King’s Fund and Glaxo Wellcome. Its aim is to promote the public’s understanding of architecture.

The basic elements of health care and architecture are set out then brought together by focusing on the needs of patients. Ten Criteria are defined to enable users to assess designs and buildings and to focus the work of architects on patients’ responses.

Peter Scher demonstrates this approach in clear language without specialised technical terms or jargon so that a fruitful dialogue between patients and designers becomes possible. Some of the tools employed by professionals are not as practical for communicating with patients, staff and visitors of health care facilities.

The Study provides an invaluable aid for health care professionals, Design Champions and architects in training and is supported with a Technical Appendix. The Video/DVD is also especially useful for introducing design proposals to non-professionals and for applying the Ten Criteria in the consultation process with local communities. The Video/DVD, by Peter Senior, Director of Arts for Health, and Peter Scher, is narrated by Joan Bakewell.

Patient-Focused Architecture for Health Care can be obtained from Architects for Health, or direct from –

Arts for Health,
Manchester Metropolitan University,
Elizabeth Gaskell Campus,
Shepherd’s House,
Hathersage Road,
Manchester M13 0JA
Tel: 0161 247 1091

Prices incl. p. & p. – Study, £15.00 – Video or DVD and the Study, £30.00.

* Arts for Health is at Manchester Institute for Research in Art and Design (MIRIAD) of the Manchester Metropolitan University.


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