Supporting Research – Invitation to participate in a survey on hospital ward design

This survey is part of a PhD research on hospital design with particular reference to hospital ward design criteria at the School of the Built Environment, Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh. The aims of this survey are: to gain insight into professionals’ priorities of ward design criteria which may help policy makers to develop hospital design regulations and guidelines; and to evaluate professionals’ awareness of the importance of particular ward design criteria. These criteria have been chosen based on in-depth interviews with a group of experts in hospital design in the UK.

Your participation in this study would be greatly appreciated. This questionnaire will not take long (about 10 minutes), as we understand your time commitments.

By clicking on the link below, the study’s web page will open in your internet browser. You will be asked to type your user name and password. Please contact to obtain a username and password.

Your answers will be treated as anonymous and confidentially.

Paper published from this research project: Alalouch, C. and Aspinall, P. (2007). “Spatial attributes of hospital multi-bed wards and preferences for privacy.” Facilities, 25(9/10), p. 345-362.

Chaham Alalouch, PhD student
Heriot Watt University
School of the Built Environment
Sir William Arroll Building
Room 403
Edinburgh EH14 4AS
Telephone: +44 – 131 451 8368
Mobile: +44 – 773 703 6222


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