Health, Environment and Infrastructure event in Leeds 22nd February 2012.

Architects for Health exhibited and presented at the Health, Environment and Infrastructure event in Leeds on the 22nd February 2012.

The event provided an opportunity to show case members work and promote “Architects for Health” in the North.

Rosemary Jenssen, Executive Committee member of AfH, attended and presented on “100% single rooms – dispelling the urban myth”. It was great to see so many committed delegates remaining to hear Rosemary’s presentation, in the final slot of the day. We trust they were rewarded by an insightful presentation and personal view of current situation in relation to single bedrooms, from both the patients, staff and managers perspectives.

It is astonishing that since the publication of the EUHPN Report in 2004, “Determinants influencing single room provision”, and the evidence contained there-in that only one NHS 100% single bedroom Hospital has been built In England. Within the next generation of PFI Hospital developments, three have committed to 100% single bedrooms.

We now have a number of 100% single bedroom Hospitals in operation (Pembury Hospital as visited by AfH members in May, with visits to other 100% single bedded Hospitals planned in 2012). Research needs to be undertaken and the findings published to support the “dispelling of the urban myths around capital and revenue costs”.

In exploring the changing attitudes and expectations of each generation, it was illuminating to hypothesise as to the demands which might be placed by empowered and informed patients and families. In the age of “NHS savings” and reduced income, could 100% single bedrooms provide the answer? By providing patients with their own personal space (within a single bedroom), could the clinician-patient dynamic be shifted? How will the social needs be addressed for longer term patients? Florence Nightingale recognised that “unnecessary noise…….absence of care…..will do more harm….than all the medicines in the world will do good.” Could 100% single rooms be the catalyst for change for the good or “the straw that finally breaks the NHS camel’s back”?

Many of the Speakers presented very topical and informative material including, Trevor Payne on UCLH’s approach to Sustainability and carbon reduction, and David Harper on the much debated issue of Pseudomonas.

The event was well attended with over 30%, of the 100 attendees, representing NHS Trust organisations including Estates Directors, Estates Managers, Capital Projects Managers  and Maintenance Managers.

In our drive to promote the organisation at Regional events, we have committed to support HEI at their Bristol event on the 25th April, more details to follow.


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