The ProCure21+ Cost Reduction Programme roll-out of Repeatable Rooms and Standard Components took place in Feb 2014

Representatives from all NHS and Foundation Trusts and PSCMs were invited to inspect proposals for repeatable room designs for adult acute single bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms, four-bed multi-bays, and three versions of a consult/exam room, along with various standard components. The launch was attended by the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State (Health), Dr Dan Poulter MP, and the Government chief construction advisor Peter Hansford.

Dr Dan Poulter MP stated “(we are) being offered a facility that allows us to deliver the best for our Patients, that has been designed well, is of a good standard, but is also at a lower costs and can be reused in different hospital settings – with subsequent cost savings in terms of design, standard components – and is an opportunity that I am sure you will all want to take”.

This is the start of a wide-scale rollout for the standardised room design and components, across the NHS. Trusts engaging with the ProCure21+ framework for capital procurement will be encouraged to consult with their PSCPs early in the process, to embed the principles of standardised design within their projects – and achieve significant cost-savings as a result.

Slides from the event are now available along with a summary brochure of the benefits available:
Download: Repeatable Rooms and Standard Components summary brochure – 64kb PDF
Download: Complete launch event slide pack – 11.25Mb PDF

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