Haven Trust Breast Cancer Support Centre

Designed by Devereux Architects

Housed in a converted Welsh Presbyterian church near Fulham Broadway the Haven Trust Breast Cancer Support Centre provides a non institutional, warm and welcoming place where women suffering breast cancer and their families can turn for free counselling, a telephone help line, complimentary therapies, and self help techniques.

The building has undergone a major transformation with all existing floors being removed to allow for three new levels to be introduced, a new eight person lift and stair were inserted to provide access and a striking feature is a large ceramic relief designed by the Prince of Wales Institute of Architecture, handmade in the Visual and Traditional Islamic Arts Department.

At lower ground floor level the accommodation comprises a kitchen, creche, shop and ancillary facilities. The ground floor forms the main reception and library, with bookshelves and niches formed within the thickness of curved wall linings. (The sculptural use of curves helps create a relaxed atmosphere, with freedom of movement between spaces). The first floor level is sub divided into a series of Therapy and Counselling rooms. At Second floor level a large therapy space is provided which can also be used for lectures.

Haven Trust’s intention is to establish a Nationwide network of similar support centres fulfilling a much needed demand.

The Haven Trust Breast Cancer Support Centre project by Devereux Architects is detailed in the book Healthy Living Centres by Geoffrey Purves ISBN 0750646020.

The following pictures are from a display board that was exhibited as part of Architects for Health’s contribution to HOSPEX 2002 in Japan


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