GDPR – Privacy Notice - 22nd May 2018

How we collect personal information and what we do with it

Architects for Health is a membership organisation and we hold certain personal data on our members in order to communicate efficiently with members on matters relating to the business of the society.

How we collect your information
From what you tell us, for example:

  • Information provided by you on the New Member sign up form on the AfH website; or
  • information you amend in your AfH membership account

What information we collect from you
We will ask you for:

  • Your personal details – such as Business name and/or personal name, Business address or personal address and job title/position in company
  • Your contact details – such as email address, and phone number
  • The website address of your business, if you have one
  • Your Membership level/type

If you are signing up to Practice Membership (for up to 5 people or 6-10 people in your organisation), we will ask for their details also as above.

We may also ask for further information when booking an event, for example:

  • Dietary requirements

How we use your personal information and why
We use your email address to:

  • inform you about upcoming events through our membership system
  • send you event updates and/or submission details, once you have booked
  • inform you of events AfH are partnered with or exhibiting at, for example:
    • European Healthcare Design Congress
    • Design in Mental Health Network
    • Healthcare Estates Conference and Exhibition
  • inform you of interesting news and events across the healthcare design industry

We may occasionally run a search on the data we hold to help inform a particular event or initiative e.g. to find members in a particular region or country who may be willing to assist or advise.

How we keep your personal information safe
Access to your personal data is managed securely by a small team who are members of the Executive Committee and also by the Executive Co-ordinator.

We do not share our membership list with external organisations except where there is value to members such as a discounted fee for conferences and exhibitions. Only personal name, business name and membership level are shared securely with external organisations.

In such circumstances, AfH will always ensure that members’ personal data is securely held and managed by any such external organisation to the same standards as we adopt internally.

AfH uses a membership and event booking system called MembershipWorks who are based in Dallas, Texas, USA. In order for MembershipWorks to execute their function as our Data Processor they have introduced a GDPR compliant Data Processing Addendum (DPA) to their Terms of Service, available here:

Payment Information which you provide through the website are encrypted and are invisible to AfH. Payment data is handled through MembershipWorks and is processed using an encrypted platform called Stripe, based in San Francisco. Stripe’s GDPR statements are available here:

Your rights as an AfH member
You can amend your information at any time by logging into your account from this page –

You can ask us to delete your information or transfer it to another account.

If you ask us to delete your information, then all your data will be permanently removed from our records and you will no longer receive any communication from us.
Your email address is your unique identifier and if you wish us to delete that, your membership of AfH will be voided.

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