Sustainable Development Strategy for Health, Public Health and the Social Care System 2014-20

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The consultation on the Sustainable Development Strategy for the Health, Public Health and Social Care System 2014 – 2020 is now open and throughout February we have been raising awareness across the system – so apologies if you have already received information similar to this.

We are seeking input from across the whole healthcare system including NHS, Public Health, Social Care, CCG’s, Health and Wellbeing Boards, membership organisations and Local Authorities.
This is your opportunity to help shape the future of a truly sustainable health and care system we can all be proud of.
How to respond to the consultation
The consultation document, survey response form and background information can be found at <>
Alternatively you can

  • Submit your comments by e-mail to <>
  • Write to us at Sustainable Development Unit, Victoria House,      Capital Park, Fulbourn, Cambridge, CB21 5XB
  • Send us examples of best practice / case studies you feel should be      included in future thinking

Engaging your teams
We would like to encourage you to use this consultation as an opportunity to engage with your teams and networks.  We have developed some materials <>  for you to use including:

    • A introduction to the consultation video by       Sonia Roschnik
    • A PowerPoint slide set
    • A number of workshop exercises

If you require any additional support please do let us know.
Spread the word
We would appreciate any help you can provide in cascading this information throughout your organisation and networks.  Actions such as:

    • Passing this e-mail to you communications teams       for inclusion in newsletters,       e-bulletins, websites etc
    • Ensuring your sustainability champion is aware
    • Forwarding this e-mail to your contacts

Thank you for your help.  Some background information is included below should you need it.
Charles Kitchin
On behalf of the Sustainable Development Unit

Background information

The sustainable development strategy will be the sustainable development plan for the health, public health and social care sector from 2014 – 2020. It will build on the NHS Carbon Reduction Strategy (2009), outlining practical steps that need to be taken to move the health system further on the journey towards sustainable healthcare delivery.

The purpose of this consultation and engagement process is to seek the views of the entire health and care system to help determine the future scope and approach of a sustainable development strategy that allows us to understand how and where to focus health and care sector efforts to deliver more financially, socially and environmentally sustainable care.

We refer to the whole system as  ‘health and care system’ which  includes all NHS services, services delivered on behalf of the NHS, social care, public health and health protection services,  and the interests covered by Health and Wellbeing Boards and their interface with the health and social care sector.

Key questions
The NHS Carbon Reduction Strategy (2009) focussed, as the title suggests, on the NHS and on carbon reduction.  Key questions for the new strategy are:
·         Should we widen the scope beyond the NHS to the wider social care and public health system
·         Should we widen the approach beyond carbon reduction to include other areas of sustainable development?
·         How ambitious should the strategy be?
In addition to these fundamental principles the consultation asks for views on:
·         What are the main priorities?
·         How should we measure progress?
·         What further areas of research are needed?


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