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AGM 2022 Election Results

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The results of the recent online poll attracted votes from over 100 members.

The first ballot was to ask that there be an amendment to the Rules of Architects for Health to permit the society to elect Joint Chairs.
The votes cast were as follows:

  • For the motion – 92 votes | Against the motion – 2 votes

The motion is therefore carried.

The second ballot was for the election of Joint Chairs of Architects for Health and the votes cast were as follows:

  • Alice Green and Gareth Banks – 35 votes | Stephanie Williamson and Jaime Bishop – 67 votes

We are delighted to declare that Stephanie Williamson and Jaime Bishop are duly elected as Joint Chairs or Architect for Health for 5 years.

The third ballot is for the election of three Ordinary Members of the Executive Committee. There was a total of 8 candidates listed as follows:

  • Matthew Hird | Sophie Crocker | Caroline Mulholland | Linda Jordan | Andrew Street | Ruairi Reeves | Dr Evangelia Chrysikou | Emma Smyth

We therefore declare that Caroline Mulholland, Ruairi Reeves and Dr Evangelia Chrysikou are duly elected to the Executive Committee for a period of three years.

Lastly, since Jaime Bishop is now a Joint Chair, we will need to arrange a further ballot shortly to elect a new Secretary. In the interim, one of the elected Ordinary Members might like to take that on for a short period.


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