This year we had 52 submissions from 15 universities covering 20 courses, including 4 overseas from the USA, Canada and Sweden.

There were 12 awards made across 3 categories and includes 5 overall awards.

Click the link for a PDF of the
Student Design Awards 2022 booklet

View the Awards ceremony here

Student Design Awards 2022 Winners

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The AfH Student Design Award is an annual design competition for students and 2022 marks our 14th year, having taken a pause in 2020 due to the pandemic.

As well as promoting good design, AfH is committed to encouraging the next generation to become passionate about the quality of design for health and social care settings. And our goal is to celebrate the opportunities for innovation and experimentation and to bring together students from different disciplines to share their creative ideas.

Reflections from AfH co-chair Stephanie Williamson
The SDA has been a flagship event for AfH since 2007 and was actually the event for me, as a young healthcare planner, that drew me into AfH and all that if offers in terms of promoting and debating design excellence. 2022 has been a great year for this competition. More schools, more students and indeed more nations taking part. It is very exciting that young designers are engaging in health spaces as part of their education and for some, their final year projects.

For this we needed more sponsors and more judges so thank you to the membership who stepped up for this.

The Award ceremony on the 30th June started with an afternoon of presentations and discussion. The room was full of students, their lecturers and practising architects and judges. It was very energising and thrilling to see the quality of work and design thinking, amount of research and indeed the presentation skills themselves. As an architect it is important to remember that the ability to present your work and debate and receive challenge is an important skill to develop. The alumni of 2022 are well on their way. We even had a video performance that was challenging and uncomfortable (but in a constructive way). More on that later.

I hope that the graduates maintain their interest in health architecture and indeed their membership of AfH and I hope that members of AfH take a good look at the work produced and reach out to the talent on display. We have a track record of helping the best into the workplace and in fact one past winner was with us on the night. We look forward to next years cohort and hope that AfH members will continue to support this important event through sponsorship and judging.

The AfH Student Design Awards 2022 are sponsored by HLM Architects, Ryder Architecture, P+HS Architects, Medical Architecture, ADP, CF Moller Architects, IKON Architects, HKS, Sonnemann Toon, IBI group, Llewelyn Davies, Ansell + Bailey Architects and NBBJ.

With Judges drawn from IBI Group, AHR Architects, BDP, P+HS Architects, HKS, Ryder Architecture, Paul Murphy Architects, ADP, RPS Group, HLM Architects, NBBJ, IKON Architects and Medical Architecture


MA Award

28 submissions from:
Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden | Heriot Watt University | Kent State University, USA | Northumbria University | UAL Camberwell | University of Strathclyde | University of British Columbia, Canada | University of Huddersfield

BA Architecture Award

9 submissions from: Georgia Institute of Technology in the US | Newcastle University | Northumbria University | University of Huddersfield

BA Interiors Award

15 submissions from:
Arts University Bournemouth | Bath Spa University | UAL | Heriot-Watt University | Middlesex University

the overall awards

Best Drawing

best concept

Judges Special Award

Susan Francis award for art + architecture

best presentation in the student seminar


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