Future Standards Working Group – Third Digest

We are pleased to distribute to AfH members the Third Future Standards Working Group Digest outlining the current state of progress on the programme for the issue of new and/or revised HBNs and HTMs. You will note that some documents are once more delayed by a few months.

The review of the prioritisation for the issue of documents has continued and a new list has been issued to reflect the opinions of all the bodies involved with the key issues that have come to the fore following the repercussions of Covid and the development of the NHP. This information has now been shared with a wider number of our exec committee members.

Some members of the Executive Committee had a very useful meeting with Michael Rope (NHSE Lead for Future Standards) and Helen Griffin, Architect and AfH member, also of NHSE who works alongside Michael and his team. The discussion was based around an update on progress being made and how AfH members can best support and engage with constructive and timely contributions.

There was acknowledgement that the programmes for production of approved updates to HBNs and HTMs was somewhat hampered by the NHSE and DHSC approvals process but that should not impede AfH members feeling able to proffer their views during the drafting and stakeholder engagement sessions. AfH has standing membership of the FSWG and is one of many consultees. The Exec agreed some of the following principles:-

  1. The need to ensure the FSWG monthly report to Exec includes a summary of the slides shared at the quarterly FSWG meetings to highlight areas where views and input are sought
  2. The need to respond in a timely way to calls for input using our personal networks to reach members
  3. To consider holding AfH own “quick and dirty” webinars on specific views being sought, to be written up and shared as a summary AfH view
  4. To consider award categories for EHD where new practice (possible derogations) have been successfully deployed.

Could we ask members please, to think seriously about supporting these endeavours and note the digest attached.

If you have any questions please ask through:

  • guidance@architectsforhealth.com


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