AGM 2023 Election Results

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The AGM was followed by the Phil Gusack Talk, this year given by Professor Sir Andy Haines“Climate change and health – from crisis to opportunity”.

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The AGM offers the membership to have its say in the running of Architects for Health and this year in addition to the usual business of elections the executive also tabled 2 proposals in relation to how AfH manages membership.

Picking up the elections, this year things were straightforward.

As a consequence of Jaime Bishop’s election as co-chair last year, the Secretary role became vacant. In this instance we only received a single nomination which was Gareth Banks – as this nomination was unopposed, no formal vote was required and therefore Gareth is pleased to accept the role of Secretary for Architects for Health.

As a result of Gareth’s election to Secretary and two resignations, there were 3 vacant positions on the executive, and we received 3 nominations for these posts:

  • Phil Wade
  • Gonzalo Vargas
  • Linda Jordan

As with the Secretary post, as there were the same number of candidates as positions, no formal vote was required and we are therefore pleased to welcome, Phil, Gonzalo and Linda to the executive.

There were two proposals that did require the membership to vote.


The first was to make a modest increase in memberships fees to take account of the increasing costs incurred by AfH in its expansion of membership events etc. This was the first increase for almost a decade as follows:

Practice / Company 6-10 Membership | £ 540
Practice / Company up to 5 Membership | £ 360
Individual Membership | £ 90
Unwaged / Student / Retired Membership | £ 18
Overseas / Non-Mainland UK Membership | £ 50
Student Design Awards Registration | £ 0

NHS Member (up to 3 individuals per organisation) | £ 0

There was a relatively small turnout from the membership on this proposal with only 49 votes received, however the proposal was overwhelming supported with 46 votes in favour and just 3 votes against, and this proposal is therefore duly adopted.

The subscription changes will take place from the 3rd March and all renewals or new membership fees due after this date will be charged at the new rate.


The second proposal related to how AfH could better respond and reflect the range of member organisations. In particular, this proposal sought to allow members the opportunity to use membership of AfH as a means of promoting their commitment to healthcare, and enable prospective clients to better access their services through a tiered membership offer:

  • Gold – additional payment of £200 p.a. Qualifying members may opt to have their company logo and a Hyperlink added to AfH website on the member’s page
  • Silver – additional payment of £100 p.a. Qualifying members may opt to have their company listed on a page along with other Silver members on the member’s page.

These payments are entirely voluntary and existing members may choose to simply retain their current membership with no change to the services and access afforded by AfH membership.

As with the subscription rate proposal, there was a similar turnout from members, but once again there was overwhelming support for this proposal, with 40 votes cast and 36 of those in favour, with just 4 voting against. As a result, this proposal is therefore duly adopted.

We will be publishing further details of how to take advantage of this new banding structure over the next couple of months and would strongly encourage all members to consider adopting Gold or Silver membership.


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