2012 Outline Brief

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2012 Student Design Award

This event is now closed

For information, the 2011-12 Charette Week Outline Brief was as follows:

To download our flyer please click here:2012_AfH_Student_Award_Flyer

Image kindly provided by Paul Trevor.
Sclater Street, London E1, 1975 (http://www.paultrevor.com/)

The successful applicants to the charette and award week will be asked within small teams to prepare proposals for a new Children and Young Person’s day services centre sited on one 4 sites selected within the western triangle of the St Thomas’s site directly opposite the Palace of Westminster (see below).

Students are not required to demonstrate prior healthcare experience in their application or examples. The selection panel will be judging the applications on the strength of a wider architectural skill, brief engagement and enthusiasm for the topic.

The primary product of the charette week is expected to be a physical model, so demonstration of modelling ability is likely to be beneficial to an application.

The brief will include a range of facilities including a teenage cancer centre and a cinema. The challenging sites will encourage the students to consider how interaction with the city in a congested central London site can be used to create a therapeutic environment for a diverse group of building users and contrary to emphasis commonly placed on picturesque plant based biophelia.

As with previous AfH Student competitions, candidates need not demonstrate detailed technical knowledge of the process of designing for medical spaces. The organisers are keen to encourage students to explore the theoretical limits of the brief and site and to then feed in the constraints to push against and hopefully seed bold and exploratory ideas.

As part of the charette week students will visit existing paediatric care centres in London and on the St Thomas’ site. Tutoring and seminars will also be given by practicing healthcare designers, academics, and representatives from the hospital.

The groups will be asked to prepare material to describe the proposals using a variety of media. The final session of the week will be an architectural crit session where proposals will be presented primarily using physical models (both conceptual and spacial). We hope designs will reflect upon detail and the masterplan, the route to and from the clinical space and how the journey influences the patient.

The team with the most successful or insightful proposal in the opinion of the critic team will receive the 2012 AfH Student Award.

To apply to the awards please email the following documents to awards@architectsforhealth.com :

  • A two page text only CV
  • Four A4 images of your student work (this is not expected to be medical)
  • A short covering letter explaining your interest in the subject matter

A copy of the Outline Brief in PDF format can be found here: 2012 AfH_Student_Design Award_Outline_Brief_revB

St Thomas’ Hospital Sites:

  1. Opportunity to span the existing A&E and build a landmark new building.
  2. The Evelina triangle adjacent and connected to the existing award winning children’s hospital.
  3. Reclaiming the space between the hospitals famous Nightingale wards and facing the river.
  4. A triangular site sandwiched between the river, Lambeth Palace Gardens and the busy Lambeth Palace Road.


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