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Calling student designers
who care, to care.

JANUARY 2023 (24th, 26th and 27th)

We all have one thing in common, everyone of us has been born. In one way or anither, we are here, and someone could tell a story about our arrival.

The experience for those present is one of the most profound of being alive, the places in which birth happens does not always reflect the significance of the event.

If you are interested in:

  • Exploring storytelling as a design generator?
  • Considering how design could care?
  • Collaborating in a cross disciplinary team?

Join the third birth space workshop, informed by user experience, designing alongside midwifery students come and imagine the alternative.

The workshop in brief: we will guide you through working in groups online, using Teams and Miro. You will attend short presentations, engage in group tasks & seminar type discussions. You will make broad design proposals based on the findings of your collated stories. The workshop concludes with a presentation of group findings and a lively discussion.


Elizabeth Blundell, snr lecturer + architect:

Jo Gould, snr midwifery lecturer:


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