The Department of Health new document, ‘Transforming Primary Care – Safe, proactive, personalised care for those who need it most’ sets out the Government’s vision for primary and community care services to become more proactive, personalised and joined up.

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‘It mostly looks to improve services for those with the most complex needs. While the focus on this group is no doubt right, what does it tell us about transforming primary care for the rest of the population?’
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DQI for Health has been developed by the CIC as a design quality evaluation tool for all types of healthcare projects. This specific health assessment builds on the solid foundations of DQI whilst also incorporating the best of the now obsolete Achieving Excellence Design Evaluation Tool (AEDET).

DQI for Health includes important topics such as sustainability and patient safety. The update was done in collaboration with the UK Department of Health and has been piloted with NHS England. With the development of DQI for Health, AEDET has now been phased out.
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